Why every business should have an ‘about us’ video

An ‘about us’ page is definitely not the most important page on a website, but it is still a necessity to any company that wants to grow their brand. The problem though, is that people don’t spend enough time on the ‘about us’ page; most likely because the content is not about them. This is why we need ways to increase user time on the page and engagement with the content. A part of the solution is to transform the written content from your ‘about us’ page into an ‘about us’ video. This prolongs the attention span of your viewers and passes the message you want. It’ll increase the understanding of your purpose as a company, and makes it easier to sell your product or service.


Why should a business have an ‘about us’ page?

Let’s start by defining why an ‘about us’ page is so important for a company. While a lot of marketers and business owners consider this page as a filler and last in line in their production flow; the ‘about us’ page is supposed to reflect the values of the company and explain why it exists. Without a ‘why’, no brand has a purpose to exist and there’s nothing attractive about a brand that doesn’t know why they’re in business besides to make money. 

The challenge here is how you format your content. It’s well known that the most important focus is on the client and not ourselves. This is why we need to turn our regular strategy around and make the ‘about us’, truly about the viewer.

The ‘about us’ video becomes a useful tool in increasing viewers’ understanding of your message. Since it’s already so hard to keep the attention of your traffic focused on your message; you need all chances on your side. Using videos as your main communication tool helps the viewer associate images to words, and better understand the process of your company. 

What content to use in an ‘about us’ video? 

Now that you know you need an ‘about us’ video, what should you talk about? Let’s keep in mind that you need to make this about the viewer while still talking about your business. To do so, there are two simple concepts to consider: 1. There are three different types of problems that a customer can face. 2. The video must cover many different areas of your business in a short amount of time – Let me explain.


There are three types of problems a customer can face.

External problems: This is the core of the problem itself. When talking about the external problem, I am referring to the general problem the customer is experiencing. For example, a clothing company styles you, a travel company brings you from point A to point B, and a grocery store feeds you. 

Internal problems: This is where it gets interesting. The internal problem refers to the subdivision of problems that are created from the external problem. For example, when Apple understood that their potential customers were not buying any computers because they were intimidated by the technology behind it; they had realised one of the internal problems their consumers were facing; a high end luxury hotel in the Caribbean might be looking at promoting peacefulness and luxury in order to solve their client’s internal problems; And a 3 Michelin star restaurant will most likely want to offer a unique experience that can’t be forgotten. 

Philosophical problems: The philosophical problem is all about the ‘why’. It is larger than the story itself. For example, Solios watches sells a watch, but the purpose of the company is to prove that someone can buy a piece of fashion that is stylish as well as eco-friendly. It provides the client with a voice when they take action, and helps you create a closer community. 

When it comes to the ‘about us’ video, it should reflect the external problem and the philosophical problem that the customer is facing. The internal problem should be the subject of a broader marketing campaign that will entice the client to take action and buy your product and/or service. 

If you don’t know how to communicate the way you solve the external and philosophical problems of your clients; click here and book a free call with us.


The video must cover different areas of your business in a short amount of time.

There is no ideal duration of time for an about ‘us video’ to last. As long as you understand the attention span of your viewer and how to keep their interest, you’re good to go. However, as the data suggests, shorter videos have much more views, and better helps the viewer understand the message you want to send. This is why we suggest sticking to  a 1 – 2:30 minutes video. It should give you just enough time to explain your message  without losing the interest of your viewer.

Now, besides the general message which includes the external and philosophical problem your customers are facing, you must also include your business operation in the creative. This is how people will truly connect with your brand. Below you will find types of content you can include in your video. 


Introduce the owners 

Introducing the owners is a great first step to presenting the company. This way, you can knock off your philosophical problem in the first 30 seconds of your video. In this section, you should present the founders, the reason they entered the market, the bigger picture of the company, the problem that they are solving which other companies cannot, their implication in the company, their roles, etc.


Present your team and company culture

In this section of the video, you’re not looking to specifically talk about the client’s problem, rather, you want them to become familiar with your team. It’s the perfect time to present the expert of every division in your company. What they do, how they do it, with whom they work, why they are the expert, etc. You also want to show the culture of your company. How do your employees connect, why are they the best team when together, why are your employees happier than the competitor’s, and so on. 


Behind the scenes

This is a perfect way to show the external problem your clients are facing. You don’t want to go too far in detail on how you execute your task; as this could most likely represent the internal problems of the client. The trick here is to show what you do. In our case, we create videos, so we would show us making videos. In Tesla’s case, they would want to show the end product and some part of their manufacturing, if you run a restaurant, show the food being cooked, the waiters with the clients, and the overall ambiance.



This is the easiest thing to showcase through a video. It’s a great way to demonstrate your authority in the market. You want to show your viewers the impressive amount of people who believe in you; how many people you bring together.The only thing with this type of content is that you need to plan the footage in advance. Since you can’t really fake an event, you will have to anticipate wanting to include the footage in an ‘about us’ video in the future. This is why you should always film your event no matter what — you never know when the footage could be useful. 


Differentiation & branding

One of the first things every business owner learns when creating a company is that they need to differentiate themselves from the rest. Well, there is no difference when it comes to videos. If you want your video to keep the attention of the viewer you will need to be original. At the same time you need to respect the branding that you’ve put in place. This is why there are professional video companies at your disposal. They will help you create something that represents your business in branding and promote the right messages in a unique way. 


The additional value of an ‘about us’ video

As we’ve mentioned in the past, a video should not only have one purpose. In order to save money, every video should have multiple uses. Here are some examples of how you can re-use the footage from your ‘about us’ video. 

Social media

In this case, it’s not a different use of the footage, but rather something that should be taken into consideration. When you’re done creating your ‘about us’ video, it should be displayed in as many locations as possible: On your about-us page, as an IG TV video, a pin post on Facebook,the presentation video on Youtube, as a newsletter email, on your Yelp page (if you’re a local business), on Mix to get possibly be discovered by random people, on Linkedin page, and etc.

Bite sized videos

The classic bite sized video — It should be done with any video you create. Once your video is done, it’s time to create a bite sized format of it. The strategy is simple: you divide the content in small different topics and you re-create 10 – 20 second videos with it. That way, you only pay for editing and no additional fees of production. This is a great way to cut costs in your content creation plan. You can then use these short videos in your blogs, emails, landing pages, as Instagram stories, Facebook / Linked / IG posts, etc.

Human resources

We don’t always think about human resources at first, but including an ‘about us’ video in your hiring process can help on many different levels. It can help in finding similar people, help the prospect employee understand the business and culture, create interactions and is a nice way to pitch your business at scale, etc.

Brand deals and collaboration

Anyone who has organized a collaboration in the past has gone  through this step: showing your brand to potential collaborators and making sure they understand your brand. This is an excellent way to showcase your business and save time. Your collaborators can use this video as a canvas of who you are. This will better help them understand the image you want of your company to be shown.


The bottom line 

Every company should consider turning their ‘about us’ content into a short video. It’ll help your customers understand why they should do business with you. Allowing them to understand the problems you can fix for them, and also ease the transition from hire to process. They will feel familiar with your team, how you work, and your purpose. Discover more video ideas and adapt them to your business. 

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