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The project

Pur Vodka is the most awarded Canadian vodka in the world. Nicolas Duvernois is the founder and CEO of this vodka. This video features The Autograph Series. This was produced to showcase the provenance and distinct quality of Pur Vodka.

Série Autographe 03

Blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean and Yuzu from Quebec X Pur Vodka

Série Autographe 02

Honey From the Chateau Frontenac X Pur Vodka

Behind The Scenes - Série Autographe 02

Série Autographe 01

Michel Jodoin X Pur Vodka​

Lise Watier x Pur Vodka

The brand ambassador of Pur Vodka, Lea Messier, exchanges her blender for the brushes of David Vincent, makeup artist for Lise Watier Cosmétiques, for a colorful and delectable challenge. The challenge was to fit 2 challenges, plus an introduction and a conclusion in a 3 minutes 25 seconds video.

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Lise Watier x Pur Vodka - The Challenge

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