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Our Content Strategy for Pur Vodka

série autographe 1, 2 and 3

The project

Pur Vodka has a unique approach of marketing, and this sequence of videos clearly proves that point. 

They came to us with a unique project that has never been done before: Série Autographe. The concept was to emphasis how our country is rich in ressources, and that as Canadians we should encourage this…Hence the first and second vidéos that have already come out.

In that first edition we were able to showcase this unique partnership inbetween The Michel Jodoin Cider and PurVodka’s, Best voka in the world. 

In the second edition, we created a video for the collaboration between PurVodka, and Fairmount Chateau Frontenac’s honey.

Série Autographe 03

Blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean and Yuzu from Quebec X Pur Vodka

Série Autographe 02

Honey From the Chateau Frontenac X Pur Vodka

Behind The Scenes - Série Autographe 02

Série Autographe 01

Michel Jodoin X Pur Vodka​

Lise Watier x Pur Vodka

The brand ambassador of Pur Vodka, Lea Messier, exchanges her blender for the brushes of David Vincent, makeup artist for Lise Watier Cosmétiques, for a colorful and delectable challenge. The challenge was to fit 2 challenges, plus an introduction and a conclusion in a 3 minutes 25 seconds video.

0h8a5003 2 (1)

Lise Watier x Pur Vodka - The Challenge

Pur Entrepreneurs

In celebration of this perfect vodka, we were also asked to collaborate on this project.

Pur Vodka, cherishes values of perfection, quality, and hard work as the emblem of entrepreneurship. This was a great opportunity for them to showcase their vodka next to local entrepreneurs. In addition to this, Pur Vodka came out with a special collection with the name of the entrepreneur as the label of each bottle. 

Img 6844 2

Fred Campbell Hooke | Pur Entrepreneurs

P-O Drouin Firebarns | Pur Entrepreneurs

Judith Fetzer Cook It | Pur Entrepreneurs

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