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Portes Et Fenêtres Benoit Video Series

Portes et Fenêtres Benoit

Portes & Fenêtres Benoit Our Content Strategy The project Portes et Fenêtres Benoit is a family business that has existed for 3 generations. They stand out for their quality and eco-responsible products as well as their tailor-made service, whether in a renovation or new construction project. This video highlights all of the company’s family values …

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Recap Products Video Series

Recap Products

Recap – Products Our Content Strategy for Recap The project Recap Products is a recovery drink after a festive alcoholic evening. This drink contains electrolytes, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and thiamine. This video highlights the disadvantages of not taking Recap Products. This was done to emphasize the importance of consuming this recovery drink in the …

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raphael courchesne video series

Raphael Courchesne

Raphael Courchesne Our Content Strategy for Raphael The project Raphaël Courchesne is a boxer who started the sport at the age of 15 at the St-Hyacinthe Boxing Club. He repeatedly won the title of Quebec champion. Considering his offensive boxing style as well as his devastating punch, Courchesne has a style ideal for a successful …

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Fraiche Attitude video series

Fraiche Attitude

Fraiche Attitude – Vegpro Our Content Strategy for VegPro The project VegPro International Inc. is a company founded over 20 years in the vegetable industry. It is to this day the largest producer of salads and fresh vegetables in Canada. Specializing in the production, washing, and packaging of fresh field-grown mesclun and salads, it also …

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Pur Vodka video series

Pur Vodka

Pur Vodka – Duvernois Our Content Strategy for Pur Vodka The project Pur Vodka is the most awarded Canadian vodka in the world. Nicolas Duvernois is the founder and CEO of this vodka. This video features The Autograph Series. This was produced to showcase the provenance and distinct quality of Pur Vodka. See More Assets …

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Salmigondis Video Series


Salmigondis Montreal Our Content Strategy for Salmigondis The project Salmigondis is an Italian cuisine restaurant. This video features the chef in action cooking various elaborate and well-presented recipes. This was done to emphasize the cleanliness of the restaurant and the quality of the food offered. See More Assets Below https://youtu.be/U5q8Nk1byK8https://youtu.be/7bHMNvOy88A Have a project in mind? …

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