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Vincent-d’Indy School of Music

Vincent-d’Indy School of Music The project Founded in 1932, the Vincent-d’Indy School of Music has given pride of place to the teaching of music through a dual mission: to transmit the passion for music through a wide range of courses. Suitable for young people and adults of all ages and offer solid classical or jazz …

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Serres Toundra | HxN Media

Serres Toundra The project Les Serres Toundra is located in Saint-Félicien and produces fresh, crispy cucumbers 12 months a year. The purpose of this series of capsules was to revive the image of the relish to make it a distinguished condiment with Charles Beauchesne and Erika Hounzell. The strategy of this campaign was made by: …

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Serres Royales | HxN Media

Serres Royales The project Serres Royales is a Quebec company, located in Saint-Jérôme, of which Diva La Tomate is the star. This series of capsules with Rainbow and two young divas demonstrates Rainbow’s culinary skills with the excellent tomatoes from Les Serres Royales. The strategy of this campaign was made by: Agence Canidé. See More …

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Esporão The project Le but de cette capsule était de faire la présentation de l’huile d’olive ​​Esporão avec 2 plats cuisinés par la chef Fanny Ducharme accompagnée par Cassidy Neves. La stratégie de cette campagne a été faite par : Agence Canidé. See More Assets Below Have a project in mind? Book Your Next Video …

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BleuRoyal Gin

Our Content Strategy for BleuRoyal Gin The project   This video showcases the unifying aspect of BleuRoyal gin at events. This was produced to promote the event for the official launch of BleuRoyal Gin at Green haüs. The video is also available on BleuRoy’s Facebook and Instagram page See More Assets Below Behind The Scenes …

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Solution BI

Solution Bi Canada Solution BI The project Solution BI Canada, a subsidiary of Solution BI, is a company specializing in Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence expertise and Finance. Present for more than a year with Quebec companies, she brings her expertise in Data Management, Big Data, Data-visualization, Data Warehouse, and management of data supply and …

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adopte inc

Adopte inc. | HxN_Media

Adopte inc Our Content Strategy for Adopte inc The project Pur Vodka is committed to donating 1% of its sales made in Quebec in 2019, in collaboration with Adopte Inc. Adopte Inc, is an organization founded by Nicolas Duvernois and his partners to offer an entrepreneurial experience unique as well as giving a financial and …

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BluePearl Distillerie

Our Content Strategy for BluePearl Distillerie The project The goal of this project was to make a documentary series of 3 episodes to find out who BluePearl Distillery is. In the first episode, we discover their story and their most popular product, Bleu Royal Gin. In the second episode, we see their move to their …

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Communication Psycom | HxN_Media

Communication Psycom Our Content Strategy for Communication Psycom The project Guillaume Dulude is an international speaker, university teacher, trainer specializing in communications strategies and leadership and influence development. He holds a doctorate in neuropsychology and clinical psychology from the University of Quebec at Montreal focusing on cognitive processes, attentional systems, and consciousness. Communication Psycom is …

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