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Our Content Strategy for VegPro

Video shoot for Vegpro international british columbia

The project

For over 20 years, Vegpro International Inc. has been the largest producer of salads and fresh vegetables in Canada. Vegpro Specializes in the production, washing and packaging of fresh field-grown salads. They also market a wide range of local vegetables harvested from their own farmland across North America. Their products are available year-round under the trusted brand name FRESH ATTITUDE.

Our mission was to make 4 videos; one in Quebec, one in Florida, one in British Columbia and one that combines all locations.

We travelled to Florida in March 2018. Fortunately, Mother Nature was on our side and helped us snap the most beautiful sunrise, as you can see in our video.

In August 2019, we went to BC, we did a lot of different shots in the mountains to showcase the beautiful scenery of British Columbia.

In Quebec, we created a “field to table” story. It allowed us to show the process in the field, the harvest, the washing, the packaging, the transportation to a grocery store and finally the product being consumed at a family picnic.


Our video created in Florida

British Columbia

Our video realised in BC


Our video realised in Quebec and the the combined version

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