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Communication Psycom is a method of sustainable development of individual and organizational potential. It is the most advanced, comprehensive, precise, and effective method of interpersonal communication and human development developed to date. This is based on appropriate scientific knowledge, but above all, it is a method that dares to understand and perceive human interactions differently.

Guillaume Dulude’s project was to make his “Psycom 1” training available to everyone by putting his training online. “Psycom 1” is a 21 hours training session on interpersonal communication. The mandate was to film the training and edit to divide the 21 hours of content into 24 capsules of 15 minutes to 45 minutes, for a total of 9 hours of extremely relevant content.

The biggest challenge in this production was that the film crew had to be very discreet because the class is very personal and the participants engage, so you don’t have to hinder them or make them uncomfortable with the cameras. Also, we had to be overly prepared, because the goal was never to interrupt the course.

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