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The project

BluePearl distillery produces the famous BleuRoyal Gin, a 100% Quebec gin, and the extremely light Jardin Verde Gin.

The history of BluePearl has small beginnings and rather underground, but very warm! It was indeed in the guest room of a 4 ½ in Villeray that it all started in a very illegal and very unexpected way. Now BluePearl has their canned gin + tonic and their excellent Jardin Verde Gin.

The purpose of the video was to capture the event for the official launch of BleuRoyal Gin at Green haüs.Green haüs follows the same philosophy as its older sister Aire Commune: space for networking, work, and outdoor events.We would have liked a sunset that night, but Mother Nature was not on our side. But thanks to the creative freedom that BleuRoyal gave us, we made up for it with a very creative edit!

Official launch of BleuRoyal Gin at Green haüs.

Behind The Scenes

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