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Canadian Red Cross | HxN Media

Canadian Red Cross The project The Canadian Red Cross Society is a Canadian humanitarian charity and one of 192 national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. The organization receives funding from both private donations and Canadian government departments. The Canadian Red Cross launched the “Au cœur de l’urgence” campaign, the honorary presidents of which is …

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Entreprendre ici | HxN_Media

Entreprendre ici Our Content Strategy for Entreprendre ici The project Entreprendre Ici is a business that mainly helps immigrants, but also Quebecers to obtain financing such as grants, loans, or scholarships so that these people develop their business. This video features the 2020 gala and testimonials from people who grew up thanks to the company. …

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Kia de LaSalle | HxN_Media

Kia de LaSalle – Groupe Couture Our Content Strategy for kia de LaSalle The project Kia de LaSalle is part of the Couture Group which has 10 dealerships. This video shows the special attention to customers and the cleanliness of the premises in the dealership. This was produced to emphasize personalized service and the vehicles …

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Arts Café | HxN_Media

Arts Café Our Content Strategy for Arts Café The project Arts Café is a small coffee where you can eat well and relax while reading or even doing homework. This video shows the Zen atmosphere and the quality of the food served to customers. This was produced to showcase the beauty, freshness, and relaxed vibe …

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Laö Cabines | HxN_Media

Laö Cabines Our Content Strategy for Laö Cabines The project Laö Cabines is a unique experience in the heart of nature where it is possible to stay in a modern cabin. This video features the natural landscape and the unique experience. This was done to highlight the warm cabin rental service and the beauty of …

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Entract Films | HxN_Media

Entract Films Our Content Strategy for Entract Films The project Entract Films is a video that was produced in collaboration with Aime ton cinéma association, to encourage people to return to the cinema when it reopens. This video features actors who declare their love for cinema and the pleasure that it exudes. See More Assets …

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Alythia | HxN_Media

The Alithya group Our Content Strategy for Alythia The project   Alithya is a company specializing in marketing strategy and digital technology. This video features a clear and precise explanation of the benefits and advantages of Alithya. This was produced to showcase professional service and expertise in the field. See More Assets Below Have a …

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adopte inc

Adopte inc. | HxN_Media

Adopte inc Our Content Strategy for Adopte inc The project Pur Vodka is committed to donating 1% of its sales made in Quebec in 2019, in collaboration with Adopte Inc. Adopte Inc, is an organization founded by Nicolas Duvernois and his partners to offer an entrepreneurial experience unique as well as giving a financial and …

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Municipalité de Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu | HxN_Media

Municipality of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu Our Content Strategy for Municipality of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu The project Municipality of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu is a small, quiet municipality located on the water’s edge. This video highlights the beauty of this village as well as all the activities offered. This was produced to present the municipality and its cultural and tourist activities. See More …

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