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BluePearl Distillerie

BleuRoyal Gin – BluePearl Distillerie Our Content Strategy for BluePearl Distillerie The project BluePearl distillery produces the famous BleuRoyal Gin, a 100% Quebec gin, and the extremely light Jardin Verde Gin. The history of BluePearl has small beginnings and rather underground, but very warm! It was indeed in the guest room of a 4 ½ …

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Portes Et Fenêtres Benoit Video Series

Portes et Fenêtres Benoit

Portes & Fenêtres Benoit Our Content Strategy The project Portes et Fenêtres Benoit has been in business for 3 generations. They stand out for their quality and eco-responsible products as well as their custom-made service. Whether it is for a renovation or new construction project, their team will accompany the client from the choice of …

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Recap Products Video Series

Recap Products

Recap – Products Our Content Strategy for Recap The project Recap Products has created a hangover drink. Our task was to create some humorous videos with Adamo and J7. The goal was to make Recap Products’ audience understand that the drink is very effective, especially the morning after a drunken night out. Our job was …

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raphael courchesne video series

Raphael Courchesne

Raphael Courchesne Our Content Strategy for Raphael The project Raphael Courchesne started boxing at the age of 15 at the St-Hyacinthe Boxing Club. Right from the start, he has been a great success among amateurs, winning the Quebec championship title many times. Given his offensive boxing style as well as his devastating strike force, Courchesne …

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Fraiche Attitude video series

Fraiche Attitude

Fraiche Attitude – Vegpro Our Content Strategy for VegPro The project For over 20 years, Vegpro International Inc. has been the largest producer of salads and fresh vegetables in Canada. Vegpro Specializes in the production, washing and packaging of fresh field-grown salads. They also market a wide range of local vegetables harvested from their own …

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Pur Vodka video series

Pur Vodka

Pur Vodka – Duvernois Our Content Strategy for Pur Vodka The project Pur Vodka has a unique approach of marketing, and this sequence of videos clearly proves that point.  They came to us with a unique project that has never been done before: Série Autographe. The concept was to emphasis how our country is rich …

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Salmigondis Video Series


Salmigondis Montreal Our Content Strategy for Salmigondis The project Salmigondis approached us with their project and asked us to represent the different facet of their restaurant. We created a sequence of different videos, and photos in order for them to feed their website in content.  In addition to this they wanted the content to be …

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