Here to Create

We Make Your Vision A Reality

If an image is worth 1,000 words, imagine a 1 minute video of 24 frames per second.

Here to Create

We Make Your Vision A Reality

If an Image is worth 1000 words. So imagine a 1 minute video at 24 frames per seconds.

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HxN Media

It’s important that we trigger the right emotions. Our videos reflect what the audience needs to see; we’re bold, we think forward, and we are here to create.

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Behind the scenes

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Behind the scene videos montreal

Meet our team in action.  We’ll make sure your video has the perfect set-up to better catch your audience’s eye.

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Creative Projects

We create for the pleasure and no other reason.

Clients that have made their vision a reality.

Clients that have made their vision a reality.

Our Most Popular Services


Local Businesses

Videos of all kind, from restaurants to entrepeneurs. These are often used to reflect the business' services or branding.


Car Dealerships

The perfect way to showcase discounts of the month, specific offers, or any new information about the dealership.


E-commerce Videos

These are usually orientated towards products and their use. The goal is to increase the conversation rate of the company's advertising campaign.



Every business should showcase their branding in some way. A video is one of the most efficient ways to catch the eye of your audience and show what you are really made of.

Deliver Content the Right Way

We help your company create value towards your audience.  A video is nothing if it’s not part of a content strategy. This is why we have a strict process in order to bring you exactly what you expect. 

Set Goals

We start by setting clear goals, KPIs, and a good content distribution strategy.

Plan the Creatives

Then we choose the right elements that are going to be part of the video in order to properly reflect your branding.

Deliver Gold

Receive your project and analyze how your audience reacted to that piece of content.

Not sure how to execute your projects?

No Problem! Book a call with us, and we will help you orient your video strategy.